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Letter of Resignation from the Acting Chairman of the Press Council Nepal

Dear comrades,

Press Council Board

I have been using my labour, skills, experience and time in Press Council Nepal, the center of our respect, for more than a decade. With the effect from today, I have resigned from the post of Acting Chairman of the Press Council Nepal, the independent, autonomous, Quasi-judicial body having uninterrupted successor. 

In the loose and republican environment created as the result of the 2062/63 Movement for democracy, I had the opportunity to hold the responsibility as the member of the Council Board. For more than a decade, whatever role I have played to the extent possible from my post to make the Nepali Media sector credible, pure, accountable and responsible without any prejudice, without treating anyone with contempt, I feel proud for that. And I will be obliged forever to this organization and you all for giving me the responsibility and the trust.

The three-year tenure of the executive has been a difficult one for you and me, not only for the Press Council, but also the struggle that we went through since the beginning for the freedom of the entire press remained very exciting and challenging. I am grateful for the support given by the entire team to overcome all these challenges and difficulties. Meanwhile, the Press Council has succeeded in expanding its reach and influence across the country, from Taplejung in the east to Darchula in the west. It has succeeded in expanding its contacts and relations to many continents of the world. I would like to dedicate the credit of all these to the organization, all its members, staffs, Government of Nepal, Court, Federation of Nepali Journalists, well-wishers from home and abroad, some ministers of the government, secretaries and responsible officials. It would never have been possible to do anything alone without the organization or helping hands of the organization.

You all are well aware that we had to fight hard with our own friends, colleagues and the Government of Nepal, for a few years in between, for the autonomy of the organization. How successful have we been in this struggle, how much have we been able to achieve? It will be written in the pages of history and future generations will evaluate it impartially. I have no regret for the role I have been able to play in the organization despite having many human weaknesses. Instead, it will always be a proud memory. I am also happy in the sense that I have the opportunity to hand over the responsibilities of acting chairman (a responsibility I have been holding for three years) to a person more mature than us in regards to the age and experience. I firmly believe that the next generation or team will safeguard the independence and autonomy of this organization with the same fearlessness, dedication and sincerity. No matter where I go, no matter what situation I might be in, there will be no deduction in my love, affection and respect for this organization, cooperation with you will always be there. I am satisfied with the past and I will highly appreciate your feedbacks and invaluable suggestions to rectify the mistakes or shortcomings that I might have committed knowingly or unknowingly. I also hope and expect forgiveness in case I might have hurt any heart or for the weakness seen while trying to do something good with good intention. 

 I believe that you will consider this resignation, which came prior to the end of the term, as a campaign for the wider interest of the organization and a step forward towards keeping the self-esteem of the Nepali journalism sector high. I salute you all for your cooperation till date. Thank You!

Kishor Shrestha
Acting Chairman
Press Council Nepal
September 25, 2020

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