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Newly Appointed Chairman Declares to Raise Dignity and Honor of Council

Welcome and Oath taking of Chairman Basnet

Newly Appointed Chairman Declares to Raise Dignity and Honor of Council

Samjhana Paudel

The newly-appointed Chairman of Press Council Nepal Bal Krishna Basnet as committed that his entire tenure will focus on raising the dignity and honor of Press Council Nepal. At the oath-taking ceremony held today at the Council he said that the council will work towards creating a new history in the coming days and that he expects support from all the concerned in that. He said that the Government of Nepal appointed a new chairman after a long time of remaining the position vacant understanding the importance of the council. He also said that the Council will work under laws and regulations to develop dignified journalism in the country as per the aim of the organization. Chairman Basnet said that a lot remains to be done at the Council and that he will move forward after serious review of the organization. He said that due to the rise in alternative media, there is challenge in distinguishing between journalists and non-journalists and that some portals in the name of online media are creating chaos, hence monitoring will be done seriously. He also said that the council will take action against the media, which uses improper languages against dignitaries of the country and that the big media, which disseminate disinformation in vested interest will also be taken action against.

The member secretary of Council Gogan Bahadur Hamal said that the entire team and youth energy will be mobilized towards the benefits of the organization.

Newly Appointed Chairman Declares to Raise Dignity and Honor of Council

Former member of Press Council Nepal and Secretary of Federation of Nepali Journalists Govinda Chaulagain said that there will be coordination between the Council and FNJ as the two organizations working for journalists and pointed that the Council should focus in favor of the working journalists to increase the benefits provided to the journalists.

Member Deepak Pandey said that after a long time a chairperson is appointed at the Council and that the journalists have more expectation from the Council than FNJ. He highlighted that the journalists do not properly understand the function of the Council and also that there is need of training to the staff of Press Council.

Newly Appointed Chairman Declares to Raise Dignity and Honor of Council

Member of the Council Ganesh Prasad Pokharel said that being the quasi-judicial body of media sector, the council needs to be taken to a new height with the youth energy and enthusiasm.

Member Hari Prasad Joshi said that the role of the council should be reviewed under the leadership of the newly appointed chairman Basnet.

Member Chiranjivi Maskey said that the new leadership will work for development and prosperity of the country through the media sector and there will be coordination among all for this purpose.

Member Durga Bhandari Paudel wished for a successful tenure of the new chairman.

Newly Appointed Chairman Declares to Raise Dignity and Honor of Council

Member Thakur Prasad Belbase said that the trend of only appointing older persons as chairperson has ended and that the opportunity of youth leadership should be utilized to optimum. He said that as the Council is bridge between journalists and the government, it should prepare itself to take challenges and work accordingly.

Earlier, the new chairman Basnet put garland at the Martyr’s Pillar at the Council premises. After that member secretary Hamal welcomed the new chairman. Chairman Basnet was welcomed by member secretary Hamal, former member and secretary of FNJ Chaulagain, Chief Administrative Officer Jhabindra Bhusal, Senior Administrative Officer (Spokesperson) Deepak Khanal, Sub-administrative office duo Ram Sharan Bohara and Radheshyam Adhikari and on behalf of the employees’ union by officer’s duo Surendra Malla and Sabita Dhakal.

Newly Appointed Chairman Declares to Raise Dignity and Honor of Council

Members Joshi, Maskey, Adhikari and Bhandari extended their greetings through virtual medium as they could not be present at the council due to the COVID pandemic. Chairman Basnet read the oath in front of the members.

Basnet has been appointed as chairman by the decision of Government of Nepal on June 3, 2021. He is appointed under the provision of Clause 6 sub-clause 1(a) of the Press Council Act, 1991. There is the provision that retired judge of Supreme Court or Senior Advocate or a Person with long contribution in the media sector can be appointed as the chairman.

Basnet, who is also a lawyer, has earlier worked in capacity of the board member of Nepal Television and Central Committee Member of FNJ. Basnet, a resident of Dolakha district, started his work with Chhalphhal weekly in 1995 and was affiliated with Kantipur daily for many years. He was the editor of Khulanepal Online for the last 14 months.

Prior to him, Gopal Budhathoki and Kishore Shrestha were taking charge of the Council in capacity of Acting

Newly Appointed Chairman Declares to Raise Dignity and Honor of Council Photo : Bipul pandey

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